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Joshua David MG

Writer, Poet, Musician, Kaleidoscope

Sunset over the Mountains
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about me


Joshua "Joshua Tree" David MG is a poet, writer, storyteller, philosopher, singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, screenwriter, sound recordist, sound designer, film composer, social media influencer, TikTok star, niche internet micro celebrity, voice actor, podcaster, artist, dreamer, gentle psychopath, neurotypical by default, film major, former homeschooler, adventurer, hopeless romantic, forever alone, Lake Tahoe enthusiast, and a kaleidoscope. He hopes to soon stop slacking off so much and really get to work pursuing his artistic dreams.

Joshua staring out into the distance

Sometimes I vomit words and it comes out like this and I beg for it to mean something by the end and it begs to simply exist.

Nobody Asked Cover 2_edited.jpg

Nobody Asked

(or, Loving Myself to Spite You)



Joshua David MG


Illustrated by

Hailey Jackson Boucher


Published by

Independently Published


Publishing Date

October 9, 2021



Poetry, Love, Comedy



Million Dollar Girl

Single (February 2021)

Love Lost

EP (October 2021)

I Write All My Best Songs After Weddings

Single (February 2022)

O The Muscle Memory It Must Take To Stay

EP (October 2022)

Yuletide Interlude (Reverse Version)

Single (March 2023)

Million Dollar Girl Cover

Million Dollar Girl Cover

Love Lost Cover

Love Lost Cover



Muscle Memory Cover

Muscle Memory Cover

Yuletide Interlude Reverse Cover

Yuletide Interlude Reverse Cover

Merrick Carlyle Has A Problem

Directed by Hailey Jackson Boucher

Written by Joshua David MG

And then I thought, maybe this is what ALL art is trying to say: "Look at me. I was here! I did something! I am a human being with thoughts and feelings just like you. I exist!"

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